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Norman was taken from us in a fatal car accident on I5. Arrythmia was determined to be the cause.

Norman was a true skating enthusiast, competitive skater and coach. He was also a music teacher and taught school in Mount Vernon for many years.

He started his skating career in the 40s at the Ferndale Roller Rink in Washington,where the rink owner Ted Bruland, was coaching, and skated from the Whatcom County Skating Club. The club then moved to the Rolladium in Bellingham Washington where he continued his skating competitvely.

He was also a member of the Ski Patrol at Mt. Baker. He loved to ski.

He married Coral (Kastner) Chalice and had two daughters, Piper and Holly, one son Kevin Graham, one nephew Alan Bruland, and one neice Jami Giammusso.

Norman coached skating at Marysville and later at Auburn Washington and was a regular member of the adult skating sessions in Auburn.

He will be remembered for his love of skating, and was always analyzing techniques, body position, and proper use of weight on the skates to produce proper edges, right up to his recent visit to Auburn.

He attended many Regional and National competitions in his later years, observing and supporting the Northwest skaters and kept current with all his skating friends in Washington, Oregon and nationwide.



One of our sports greatest coaches and a true icon passed away on June 1, 2017 in Olympia Washington, not very far from where his legacy in Roller Skating began. Bob was not only a school teacher, and Hockey coach in Washington, but he also served in the submarine service during World War II.

Among many of his accomplishments in his life, he dedicated a large portion of his life to roller skating and especially hockey. Although he retired a number of years ago, he had already had a great influence on skaters, coaches, and the entire hockey program.

He built and operated Skateland in Olympia Washington in 1959, where he coached a number of National speed skaters. He received the National High Point Trophy in 1963-64 along with having 6 National Speed Champions. He coached many World Team Speed Skaters and developed many future speed and hockey coaches in the early 60's. Bob then turned his focus to hockey by helping develop "Puck Hockey". He founded the NW Roller Hockey League in 1964 and it is still going strong today. He was the designer and producer of the first official Puck used in puck hockey from 1971-1979. He coached the Senior Gold and Junior Divisions in puck hockey, to 10 straight Gold Medal Placements at the Puck hockey National Championships. He made the crossover to ball or rink hockey in 1980.
He not only coached at many rink hockey training camps around the country, including the 1st developmental World Team training camp at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, but also authored several training booklets and training films for USARS to be used by coaches to develop their skaters and clubs. He carried his love to skating and hockey by building and operating Skateland in Bremerton, Washington. Bob's love of both types of hockey showed when he took his World Class Rink Hockey Team from the Rink Hockey National Championships straight to the Puck Hockey National Championships and won the Gold Division again after being absent for 5 years. His selfness and tireless dedication to hockey was unmatched. Included in his list of roller skating awards he received in his lifetime are: National Coach of the Year twice, three time Northwest Hockey Coach of the Year; Ball Hockey Committee Member 1984-2000. One of the first Elite coaches, 9 time U.S. Olympic Festiva l Coach, USARS Meritorious Service Awards, USARS Hall of Fame, Pan American Team coach twice, 9 time Men's World Team Coach, and 4 time Women's Team Coach.
Although he had achieved many awards and had done so much for the future of hockey, his real attribute was his concern for the youth and skaters. He was a mentor for troubled youths from all walks of like. As a teacher, he would keep tabs on many of his students to make sure they were completing their work and keeping their grades up. For his skaters who had nothing and no way of getting to competitions and camps, he would drive them and pay for a lot of their costs so they could continue their skating career and possibly make decent lives for themselves. He was a truly remarkable person, teacher and coach. He was one of a kind, an old fashioned kind of guy who helped others as much as he could. He was a very good friend and ally to our sport. Hockey wouldn't be what it is today if Bob hadn't come along. He saw a need for his expertise in teaching and helping people. He used his talent to bring out the best in his skaters and hockey. Thank you Bob for a job above and beyond well done. We will surely miss you and may you rest in peace.

Submitted by:Jim Stevenson-Bremerton Skateland

-The Northwest sends their deepest sympathy to the Family-


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