June 14 2014 Meeting was called to order at the Oaks by President Cindy White and we moved out to the picnic area as session was coming in. PROPOSALS VOTE DISCUSSION: This meeting was go over the Proposals that are going to be voted on. Cindy had sent out ballots and wanted to make sure that coaches got them and would please turn in the ballots to her by the end of Regionals. NWTA MEETINGS: Discussion on the feeling of the group that next season we have NWTA meetings at the Regional Interclub meets during the year, so we would at least have three. Everyone was in agreement with this, as there isn't enough time at only one at Auburn before Regionals each year to cover all the information Cindy receives during the year from the committee, plus all the regional business that has to be taken care of. NEW BUSINESS: Ezra made a motion that we have Open Freestyle contest at the meets in the Northwest. Host would be able to determine that as it is not a qualifying standard event skated at Nationals and could be done. This would be up to the host club. AWARDS FOR THE SMALLER CONTESTS: Ezra talked about the awards cost and that he had checked on getting a better rate. It was decided to have a sub committee to check this out with the host clubs that hold these meets. Attendance: I did not take attendance, but it was basically the ones from the USARS meeting right before ours. ATTENDANCE: Joan Dreyer Linda Moody Sue Richardson Ezra Thompson Jerry Bruland Marlene Bruland Bob Behrendt Bill Hess Sr. Cheryl Hess Carrie Youngren Terri Johnson Bill Moore Hazel Inman Marlene Bruland Secretary NWTA

April 5, 2014 The meeting was called to order at the Rainbow Café in Auburn by the President Cindy White. MINUTES AND TREASURERS REPORT The minutes were presented and approved. Tiffany McKinnon presented the Treasurers report with the NW Teachers balance being $2349.71. ELECTION OF OFFICERS President: Cindy White Vice President: Anna Barnett Secretary: Marlene Bruland Treasurer: Tiffany McKinnon REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVES REPORT Anna consented to help with the conference calls when Cindy is not available so is Co-Representative. Cindy has been forwarding information from the Regional Representative calls and the information she receives from them to all the coaches in our region. She would like more coaches to give her information and ideas on promotion of classes and skating. USARS surveys are being sent out periodically-one to each email address. BOARD OF DIRECTORS George announced that there would be a membership available to the rink that hosts meets, for events that are skated at these meets by the beginners, such as stroking, tot singles, figures, fun type events. This will help promote the new skaters. There would be an insurance with it such as our membership cards have to protect the operator. George says that Bill has been a big help to USARS. He has brought forward many ideas to help promote skating. George brought up some financial issues that USARS is going through right now. Figure membership is down, Roller Derby membership is down, Auditorium costs are up. The need to find facilities to hold Nationals is what they are working on now. Financially need to change what is happening. Ezra brought up some questions and ideas for promotions and that he was going to try a meet at his rink this next season with some new ideas that he has been working on to promote spectators to attend and watch the meet to see what skating is all about. Ezra mentioned that he thought it would be good to try to not have co-ed events for the younger skaters in their events at the non-qualifying meets locally. He feels that it is hard to get the boys to skate against the girls. Discussion followed. Dezera brought up that she thought it might be an idea to have Open events in Freestyle so the skaters can skate more than one time at a meet. Cindy said to submit it to her for the representatives committee. George brought up the new Slalom event for the beginner and advanced that you can do in your rinks during session. Using cones down the center of the rink and getting an instructor to come in and show how this is done. It is really interesting and fun for the skaters. We will get some information on this. NW ROLLER SKATING FOUNDATION: President of the foundation, Ron Gustafson, said they are doing a lot of promotion this year and again will be sponsoring 25 new skaters for Skate Camp and Regionals. There is a new process for contributions specific to team, member, art, speed. SKATE CAMP Cindy announced the camp dates will be October 18,19, 20 Invited Camp Coaches from out of region: Scott Cohen (Freestyle) Jody Cohen (Dance) Pat Jacques (Figures) REGIONALS Sue Richardson and Dot Leppin reported that the practice for the meet will be on Father's Day weekend again as they can't get judges that are available at any other time. June 14-15-16-17 All C events will be on Tuesday June 17 Judges for Regionals are: Cecilia Kelly John Hulquist Ed Harney Keith Ungricht Marian Spooner Bill Spooner Dot also mentioned that it is extremely difficult to schedule Regionals and she tries to accommodate problems for skaters that have graduation, school responsibilities, job responsibilities, but can only do what she can do and will try to accommodate. She needs more stewards and referees to sign up, so asked for coaches to encourage some of their skaters to do so. NEW BUSINESS BIDS FOR 2013-14 SEASON February 14-15 Regional Invitational at Lynden April 17-18-19 Regional Invitational at Auburn-B and C on Friday REGIONAL AWARDS Turn in nominations to Cindy White and they will be turned in to to the committee on awards which is John Gus, Sue Richardson, Joan Dreyer, Bill Spooner, Joan Dreyer, Marlene. The criteria for nominations for these awards are available. If you need a copy, let us know. The Regional Award Trophies should be turned into John Gustafson as soon as possible. Recognition Award: Rudy Leppin Youth Award Coach of the Year Award Skater of the Year Award Inspirational Award which is a new award in Caroline Diewolds memory. Send in your nomination as soon as possible to Cindy Leppin and she will forward to the committee. You need to explain why you think the person should be nominated for the award. The meeting was adjourned. Secretary Marlene Bruland Attendance: Tiffany McKinnon Dot Leppin Susan Richardson Joan Dreyer Bill Moore Geore Koibaba Sharon Behrendt Bob Behrendt Ezra Thompson Bill Spooner Dezara Salas


September 22, 2013 The meeting was called to order at Auburn Skate Connection by President Jerry Bruland. Election of officers: Before the election could take place there was a change in organization that has taken place since Regionals. Speed will not be attending the WA USARS meetings. Vera made a motion to retain the current slate of officers except for the Vice Presidents office which was held by a Speed member. She nominated Terri Johnson for that office. Seconded and Carried President: Jerry Bruland Vice President: Terri Johnson Secretary/Treasurer: Marlene Bruland Treasurers Report: There is a balance of $792.89 in the account Complete report is out at the table at the meeting every season for viewing. GENERAL BUSINESS: It has come to our attention that the Speed group is going to be meeting on it's own at the Regional USARS level, so they will not be attending our Washington State USARS meetings. They are always welcome to come to the meetings if they wish. Dezera Salas could not attend but submitted some ideas to be discussed. Because they were of a Regional level we will submit it to Regioal officers and one of the suggestions was of a National level concern and will be forwarded to the USARS Board of Directors. We appreciated her submitting these ideas. Discussion on the donation to World Team members. Vera Shadduck, who made the original motion last season, wished to make sure that any donations of $100.00 per year from our Washington USARS, should go to both Speed and Art, and clarified that she wished her motion from last season be amended to be read, "Donation for Washington skaters that qualify to skate Speed or Art at World Meets and the $100.00 per year to be divided among the qualifiers". This was not made clear last season so this was a clarification made and then voted on with the amendment in place and passed. Discussion on new Test structure: There were many opinons brought up on the new test structure and most of them were not happy with the new changes for the next season. This was the second change made in a few months…..not enough time and they felt that there was not a good enough reason for the changes and it would discourage many from taking testsl. NEXT SEASON'S WASHINGTON STATE MEETINGS It was suggested that our Washington USARS meetings be held at one of the Regional Invitationals when all the coaches can attend. Sundays seem to be hard for those who are teaching lessons. It was unanimously passed. More on this later. Bids were opened for the State Art Meets. The following schedule was voted on and accepted. Following is a list of the Art and Speed Meets and out of Region meets of interest for 2013-2014. BIDS ACCEPTED: FIGURE SKATING: Art Meets: November 17th Auburn Figure and Dance Meet February 15-16 Lynden Regional Invitational March 16-Marysville Dance and Selected Singles April 4-5 6 Auburn Invitational May 24-25-26 Citrus Heights CaliforniaMemorial Day Meet (Not sure of this date) June15-16-17 NW Regional Championships-Oaks Portland July 13-Marysville-Summer Fun Meet July 20-August 2 US NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS-Lincoln Nebraska Any corrections---- please let me know right away. SPEED: Speed Meets: October 19-20 Coeur D'Alene November 15-16 Puyallup January 18-20 Auburn February 8-9 Gresham (Quad Meet) February 14-16 Federal Way April 12-13 Spokane May 24-25 (Memorial Day Weekend)-REGIONALS AT PUYALLUP July 12-19 NATIONALS IN LINCOLN NEBRASKA DUES: The dues for Washington USARS will remain $15.00 per club or individual coach. The dues are now being collected. Please send to: Marlene Bruland 12433 Admiralty Way D 207 Everett WA 98204 I will send you a receipt by Email Make checks payable to Marlene Bruland Motion to adjourn the meeting, voted on and carried. Respectfully Submitted, Marlene Bruland Secretary-Treasurer Washington USARS ATTENDANCE Terri Johnson-Lynden Dianne Groves-Marysville John Gustafson- Auburn Debbie Berg- Auburn Vera Shadduck-Centralia-Bremerton Jerry Bruland-Marysville Marlene Bruland-Marysville Emailed that they could not attend: Dezera Salis ,Dean Hastler -Thankyou, it is appreciated.